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Remote work Resume

Are you a newcomer or local looking to grab a remote or skilled work using your transferable soft or professional skills? Our reasonably priced resume review service is your best bet.
Some resume templates that we have revised and created include but is not limited to:
1. Customer service/Contact centre
2. Book keeper
3. Content marketer
4. Market research
5. Remote solutions engineer

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Remote Work

Cover Letter

To some hiring managers and companies, your cover letter is the most important part of your application and as we will like to call it, your “elevator pitch”.

Your cover letter is the first chance that you will get to tell prospective employers who you are, showcase why they should hire you, and stand out above all the other candidates. Let us get you started

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Cover letter

Skilled Resume

Whether you are;
1. A student/graduate with less than 1 year – 18 months of lifetime work experience;
2. A non-manager professional,
3. Management such as Managers, Supervisors, Consultants, Advisors

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Skilled Resume


Your proposal is one of the first chances that you will get to tell prospective collaborators/partners what your company is about, what it stands for, showcase why they should work with you, and stand out above all the other players in your space.

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Proposal 2

Pitch Decks

Your company’s pitch deck is typically a 2 – 20 slide presentation designed to give a brief summary of your company’s achievements as well as your founder’s vision and mission clearly articulated in your business plan and strategy.

We are conscious of the fact that your pitch deck should tease your potential investor, lender or stakeholder enough to hold a conversation with you till the very end. Some industry pitch decks that we have worked on include:
1. Fintech (Payment, Lending, Micro-insurance, Asset Management etc)
2. PropTech
3. Real estate
4. Financial services
5. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
6. Healthcare
7. Hospitality; e.t.c.

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100% Secure

Our payment is encrypted and secured to ensure you are only billed for what you have paid for. Thanks to our reliable payment partner(s)

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Fast Response Timing

We are totally committed to every delivery timeline that we have shared with you under our service offerings. At least 90% of our clients think so

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Customized for You

We do not just provide you with random documentation. Every resume, proposal or pitch deck is developed with just you in mind. Our customers interviewer and investor schedule speaks to this.

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We Build your Confidence

Our documents have been known to give a lot of clarity to business(es) and professional's as they approach hiring investors or investors.

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24/7/365 Support

From preparation to distribution on every professional or business story, we ensure that all your questions and feedback are solved as quickly as possible.

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